Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Eater

February 10, 2009
Hello Family,

I had few interesting dinners this last week. One of the most interesting ones was with some members in an English ward in Kennewick. We had Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken. It was really good. I had goal to finish it all. So I ate 5 and a half plates of it. I was super full afterwards. The reason we were eating there was because we did a combined lesson with the sisters to teach Lucia. Who should be getting baptized soon! Elder Johnstun and I started teaching her close to when I first got here in Washington. It's exciting to see the progress she's making.

Today has already been an amazing P-Day. We went to the temple first. I always learn so much every time I go. And this time I was more attentive than usual.

I usually do my laundry at the Matson's house.

The baptism for the 15th is going to be pushed back a couple of weeks probably. But it's better for him to be ready for his baptism. There are just a couple of things to work out with the word of wisdom. He's making so much progress though. He has such a strong desire to improve and change his life. There is something that I'm really looking forward to. Leonar's brother died not very long ago. It's been the thing that has really caused so much change in his heart. And Leonar has such a strong love for his brother. The other day we taught him about the spirit world and how missionary work is being done there. I could see a light come on in his eyes when he heard that. So I really want to be there when he does the baptism for his brother in the temple.

Something that we're doing better on this last week was getting lessons with members present. We exceeded our goal. It was awesome. We're hoping to see continued progress in this area. It's something we've focused on for a long time but has only just recently been coming together.

I guess I haven't really told you much about Elder Blomquist. He's from Arizona. He can play the piano really really really well. It's fun to listen to him in the mornings sometimes. He doesn't get to play all that often. Besides being really musically talented he also is an awesome missionary. His teaching skills and Spanish have both come along rapidly. He's had lots of opportunities to learn since he has a trainer that doesn't know all that much. We're working hard together and having a fun time sharing the gospel.

It sounds like you've been having a fun time at home. Don't worry, hearing about your vacations doesn't really make me feel bad that I'm missing them. I only really miss being with my family. Can you believe that I'll have been out a half a year on the 20th. I can't believe how fast time is going.

Les quiero mucho,

Que tengan una buena semana,

Elder Benjamin Arnold

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