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March 4, 2009

Hola familia,

BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leonardo Arellano. That's really cool that you went to a baptism the same day that I had a baptism. Ours was at 7:00 pm though. So 8:00 pm your time. It was amazing! I wish I could've taken a video of it to show you how awesome it was.

I've told you about Leonardo before but I used the wrong name. I used to always call him Leonar. Because that's what we were introduced to him as. Good thing we found out before the baptism though. haha. He was a referral from a member named Delia. We had a couple of lessons in her home. And there were several members involved in teaching him. It was such an amazing experience to see somebody from beginning to end in getting baptized.

It was also really exciting to get my clothes wet. It is kind of funny because I've lent out my tie about four different times for baptisms and finally it was me wearing it. It's hard to express in words how much joy this has brought me.

This reminds me of a favor I have to ask of you. Leonardo didn't have a triple combination. Which means he doesn't even have a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants. But sister Matson is amazing and she helped me out with getting him a nice copy with his name on it. But for future people I was wondering if you could send me a couple of copies of some nice triple combinations and bibles. In Spanish of course. Thank you!

We had a really amazing Zone Conference yesterday. Which is why I'm writing you today. They talked a lot about things that Elder Blomquist and I have needed to focus on more. Which is mostly on getting New Investigators. We've done a lot of tracting but it also gave us other ideas as well. Right after Zone Conference we put the ideas into practice and saw success immediately. We found several new investigators yesterday. And one in particular was amazing. His name is Edgar. He had all the right questions and has been so prepared. It was even better because we took one of the priests out with us and he was strengthened because of it as well. His name was Edwin. His family is very active in the church and a great asset to the branch.

It sounds like you've all been as busy as me. I'm glad that you start your day off with a bowl of marshmallow matey's still Matthew. Right now I'm eating Cinnamon toast crunch to begin my day. Cereal, that's where it's at. If anybody doesn't agree with me you'll just have to take it up with my homie g M. Silly.

Tennis sounds exciting! I wish I could watch you guys play. Maybe when I get home. Tennis gives you a lot of control over your own mind. Something that comes in useful in missionary work. Play hard Jonathan, and give it everything you’ve got.

Okay okay, I'll take scuba lessons when I get home. If Matthew and Jonathan liked it then I guess I probably would too. Actually it always sounded pretty cool.

Congratulations on your ACT score Matthew. Now teach Jonathan your ways and make him get a 36. That would be awesome. But really, that is awesome that you did that. You'll see a lot of things open up too because of that.

I hope that you have a wonderful week. Make it count. It's your last one with Amy. Your amazing, beautiful, caring, kind, cool, and awesome sister will be out serving the Lord. So give her lots of loves.

I love you,

Elder Benjamin Thomas Arnold

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