Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some Kind Words From the Matsons

Dear Sister Arnold,

I am glad for this opportunity to let you know how very much we are
enjoying your son. I think that he is as good as they come! He is
always kind and thoughtful of others and you might like to know that
at my house, he is the first to get up from a meal and start the
dishes! You have trained him well.

It is plain to see that he truly loves and appreciates his family.
He has taken some service time to direct us (bro. Matson and I) in
solving several computer problems. some of them have been real
problems for some time.

We will really miss him when he leaves here and hope that he stays in
the area so we can see him often.

Yesterday they did splits with another set of Elders and Elder Arnold
had to take the lead. He did very well and was surprised at how well
the spanish came to him and he was able to converese for 20 minutes in
spanish and give some discussions without a problem and understood
most of what was said.

We both know that he is exceptionally bright but his spiritual gifts
may even exceed that!.

thank you for sharing your wonderful son.

Merry Christmas to you.
Sister Matson

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