Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crepes and Jello...Reminders of Home


Yes!!!!! You got it Amy. I'm so excited. I would've jumped up and down and gone crazy but I'm in the library. I'll have to wait until I get out to the car. Haha.

It sounds like you've all had a pretty exciting week. Don't worry I didn't miss out too much. I had a really good week too. The highlight of my week was that we had Teresa's baptism just this last Sunday. It went perfectly. I got to give the opening prayer and do a half-time show with Elder Mortensen. All in spanish of course. Elder Johnstun did the actual baptism so I'll be doing the confirmation this upcoming Sunday. I'm a little nervous but really excited. I've already got everything I need to know down.

Blanca hasn't been baptized yet. We've had some things to work out. She will be though. I'll keep you posted.

I got your package this last week. I loved it. Elder Johnstun was in a different room when I opened it. When he came back in I had all the food neatly organized on my bed. I was so excited to cook some of my own food. I think it was that next morning that I cooked us some crepes. They were very good and it reminded me of all the times I made them at home. I'm also really excited to make the strawberry jello. That is one of my favorite foods in the whole world.

For Thanksgiving we weren't supposed to go out and proselyte so we mostly just visited some of our progressing investigators and members. We ate a really good Thanksgiving dinner with one of our investigators. She is married to a member and his whole family are members.

We haven't decorated our house at all. I think Sister Matsen will probably do that though. So I don't think we need anything.

On Christmas I'll be calling you. When it gets closer I'll tell you what time I'll call. I'm really excited to talk to you again.

I love all the things that you're doing with the DS Jonathan. Keep it up and you can show me all the things you can do when I get home. Until then, write me a letter and tell me all about it. Maybe you could make a movie of it so I can see what it looks like too.

Congratulations on your ACT score Matthew. Especially good job on your math score. I knew you had it in you. By the way I love seeing you wearing my clothes. It makes me feel like I contributed to a good cause. You can wear them all you want.

When that Click 500 manual gets done Dad I was wondering if you would send me one. I just want to see it in it's final state. That sounds pretty nerdy, huh. Tell me more about how that project is going. I love hearing about that kind of stuff. I'm a deprived Electrical Engineer right now.

I love you so much,
Elder Ben Arnold

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