Monday, January 12, 2009

It Was Mostly Just

Dear Family,

Great Gatsby! This last week has been crazy! I have so much to tell you about. I wish I could tell you all about it on the phone. Also we don't have as much time in the library today so this will be a little difficult.

Thanks for the advice on weight control. I haven't really been trying to gain weight so much as muscle. I'm not eating lots of bad food to try and gain fat. I'm eating pretty good but also working out every morning. And by the way my current weight is about 158. Depending on what time of day it is and if I just drank water I can be about 160. I could start eating a little bit healthier of breakfasts though. I just eat frosted flakes with milk. I'll buy some more nutritional stuff next time.

I got the Land's End package. I love all the stuff. The sweater is really soft and comfortable. The long underwear has helped me already many times in staying warm. There were two shirts and two pants. And of course the sweater which I already mentioned.

We keep getting snowed on. The roads were finally clear and then it's snowed twice since then. It hasn't been too much though. It was mostly just slushy so it'll be burned off in no time.

I'm glad my room is being put to good use. Enjoy using it. It's the best room in the whole house!

I'm so excited that you get to go to the temple so soon, Amy. It's a wonderful experience there's lots to learn everytime you go.

You only mispelled three of the spanish words. Lunes miercoles and jueves. Good job though. I'm glad you are enjoying using the translator. Mine has a couple of problems with it and I called the technical support. So I'm sending mine back to them and they're sending me a new one. It's kind of a bum deal because I'm really going to be needing it here soon.

Love you all so much,

Elder Ben Arnold

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