Thursday, January 22, 2009

Elder Blomquist is His Name

Dear Family,

I got your letter this last week. I was very excited to get the map of Mexico. I've met a lot of people from all over and was able to recognize many of the states on the map. I was also excited to see all of the pictures. I felt my nerdy self being fed as I read that other article you sent me, thank you.

This past week has been insane. Spanish is coming along faster than ever. I have to focus really hard and understand everything that the people are saying to us. I've definitely been blessed with the gift of tongues at this time.

Elder Blomquist has been doing really well. He's excited to be here. He has lots of energy and excitement. He's from Arizona. He hasn't really been homesick so that's been helpful. We just go out and work as hard and obediently as we can. As a result we're finding lots of new people to teach. I was really scared at first. I've settled down a lot now though. I'm putting my trust in the Lord and moving forward with the work.

We met a cool guy the other day named Sergio. He's really into the bible and interpreting it in his own way. He goes off on a lot of tangents while we're teaching and asks some pretty deep questions sometimes. Usually he doesn't like our answers. He prefers to stick with his beliefs. This next time we'll focus on reading a chapter out of the Book of Mormon that contains only really simple doctrine and also testifying a lot. Hopefully it'll give him the chance to feel the spirit.

I've also been in touch with one of the investigators that me and Elder Johnstun had in Kennewick. We're going bowling with her and the sisters today. Her name is Lucia, I met have told you a little about her before. She has been making some amazing progress lately. I'll let you more about how that goes.

We're actually in the Kennewick library today and we only have 30 minutes here. The pasco library is down for remodeling. So I only have a couple of minutes left.

I love you all so much, have a wonderful week,

Elder Benjamin Arnold

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