Thursday, January 29, 2009

Insanely Crazy

Dear family,

This last week has been so insanely crazy. I'm not even going to be able to begin to tell you everything that has happened. First though, I got your package yesterday. It came with one for Elder Blomquist so it was like christmas all over again.

It's really exciting to hear about all the people I know entering the MTC or leaving the MTC. It's a life changing experience. I wish I could tell them all how much I'm excited for them.
We've focused a lot this week on finding new investigators just like last week. Also with visiting less-active members. And we've been having a lot of success in both areas.

Sergio has been a learning experience for me. He has had a very hard time accepting the Book of Mormon and prefers to read from his international version of the Bible. At our last lesson we focused almost solely on the Book of Mormon though and the spirit was very strong as we did that. He had been a little sick and because of that hadn't done any reading. He's going to give us a call when he gets better. Hopefully it is soon. I love talking to him.

Lucia is doing amazing. We actually went bowling with her on last P-day. I don't remember if I told you that or not. She has such a strong desire to change and become closer to God. I'm glad that I could be behind the scenes a little bit and help her. She lives in Kennewick so I don't really get to see her very often. I do get to talk to her on the phone every once in a while.

I haven't talked to Blanca for a while. Since the beginning of the transfer the sisters have been visiting her. Maybe I'll try to check up on her this week.

I have some news that I've been really excited to tell you about all week. This last Sunday we taught a man named Leonar at a member's house. It was through the member that we found him. And we committed him to be baptized. It was so exciting!!! It will be coming up in the middle of February. Right around your Birthday Amy.

Tomasa is an investigator we've been teaching for a while now. She's made a lot of progress lately. She has five grandkids living with her. Three of which are elegible for baptism. And two of which are really interested. One of those two is Santiago. He is an awesome kid. He's in the sixth grade. I had the opportunity to tutor him in math for about a half hour after our last appointment. It was so much fun!

This is to answer Matthew's question about the TI-89 cord. It is just a standard USB to mini-USB. There should be a whole bunch of them laying around the house. You could ask dad. I know he has one for his GPS.

Spanish has been coming along really fast this last week. We study really hard and pray for help from the spirit. I'm able to understand pretty much everything that people say and I'm finding it a lot easier to teach and talk to people about whatever. Sometimes it's still hard to understand people on the phone or if they use a lot of words that I've never heard before. But it's really exciting and I love everything about it.

Thank you for everything my wonderful family,I love you,
Elder Benjamin Arnold

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