Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teach when you find, find when you teach.

Hola familia

This week has been pretty awesome. One of the most exciting things was on Sunday. Gabriel Llamas came to church! The rest of his family didn't come but they are all going to come next week. He loved it and said several times that he was going to bring his family next week. He has changed a lot recently. Just last night we had an appointment with the whole family. We read about the plan of salvation in 2 Nephi 9. Leonardo came with us too. It turns out that they met each other before a couple of different times.

We met a new family this last week. They just moved from Nevada and were investigating the church there. They were even on baptismal date. It is a family of seven and all of them came to church this last Sunday. They are a really cool humble family. I'm excited to start working with them. We're going to have our first lesson with them tonight.

Juan and Briana didn't come to church this week. They didn't set an alarm and they slept in. They're still progressing and excited to get married. They got an apartment. And Juan has had jobs available to him left and right. He is working two jobs right now. They're good jobs too. They're being blessed already for having desires to do what is right. We'll work hard to get their wedding arranged this week.

At our most recent lesson with them one of their friends was over visiting them, Katrina. She wasn't involved in the lesson but listened. Then at the end we just started to talk to her and asked her a lot of questions of the soul. She opened right up and she committed to be at our next lesson with Juan and Briana. That was cool. Just like PMG says, "Teach when you find, find when you teach."

The work is progressing rapidly in Pasco. The whole stake is getting really involved in Missionary Work and people just keeping coming out of nowhere for us to teach. The Lord is blessing us in many ways.

General Conference is even closer! I'm super excited to bring investigators to church in two weeks. We're so blessed to have a living prophet to guide us.

I love missionary work!
Elder Ben Arnold

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