Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sick again

Hola familia,

This is going to be a short letter. I’ve been sick since last night and haven’t had as much energy.

We still don’t know anything about transfers. They didn’t give us the information at ZLC like they usually do. They said that we were going to get it at Christmas Zone Conference but we didn’t.

By the way Christmas Zone Conference was great. We got very spiritually fed. And we got to watch Forever Strong. They cut out the first 11 minutes or so though. It was very inspirational. There are lots of things to apply to missionary work out of it as well.

The Gomez – Vargas family, soon to be the Vargas family, are getting married tomorrow, Thursday. The parents will then be baptized on this upcoming Saturday. They just got their marriage license on Monday. I can’t believe how many miracles have happened to get them to this point. I’ve been praying for miracles so that they could be baptized before Elder Godinez left. And it’s going to happen.

We’re having dinner with the Llamas family today. They haven’t come to church and we haven’t had many lessons with them recently. There will be more to report next week.

Love you

Elder Ben Arnold

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