Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Settling In

Hola familia,

The library was closed yesterday. Since that's the only place we have to email we had to do it today instead.

I got the Halloween card that you sent. I absolutely loved it. I'm so happy every time that I get a letter from you.

Yesterday I played really hard. My whole body hurts really bad. I'm sore all over. Mostly my legs though. It's just so much fun to play basketball. I can't hold myself back.

Have fun at your concert Amy. I can imagine how excited you are to go. I'm getting very anxious for you to get your mission call. I can't wait to find out where you go.

I bought a frisbee this last week. We've played with it a few times in the morning. It reminds me of all those good ultimate frisbee games at Wavetronix. I've been trying to play tennis. We have a bunch of places to go play. We just need to get some rackets and I have to convince Elder Johnstun to go. He wants to go though so it won't be hard. I'll probably be really rusty.

I've taken a lot of pictures recently. Although I won't send them to you until probably next week. I'm also going to send you your birthday present mom. Then you'll have the opportunity to meet Elder Johnstun and get a tour of the place that I live.

I've been getting worse at writing in my journal lately. I still write every night just not a whole page. I'll have to fix that tonight.

My nerdy self is still in me. I have this constant desire to use a computer for more than just emailing. Don't worry though, I've never even touched a computer outside of using it for email. I'm always telling Elder Johnstun how a laptop could help make missionary work more efficient. Maybe that day will come. He thinks that's pretty funny.

We haven't been able to go to the temple yet. We get to go once a transfer. I think we're going either next p-day or the following. I'm getting pretty excited about that.

The days just keep flying by. I'm afraid that these two years are going to be over without me even noticing it.

You should send me pictures in letters or on an SD card. The internet is pretty slow here. And I don't have too much room in my inbox.

Have a good week. I love you.

Elder Ben Arnold

PS I can't remember the address of our house. So I'll just send it in the letter that I write.

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