Monday, September 8, 2008

He Misses Computers...but Loves the Temple

Hello Family,

I got the package with all of the stuff in it. And the calendar is awesome. I hung it up at our desk. It's cool to be able to see the time we have in the MTC in a larger picture. All we had before that was our day planners.

I'm sorry I haven't sent you any pictures yet. I'll make sure I send you a DVD today. I'll also try to take more pictures before then. I hope you enjoy them.

I heard about the Regional Conference. One of my teachers, Brother Parma was able to attend. I guess I didn't tell you. Sometime last week, time has become a big blur for me, Elder Cook the apostle came and spoke to us at a devotional. We have devotionals every sunday and tuesday. They're always very uplifting and spiritually strengthening.

Elder Burr and I saw the new Joseph Smith movie last night for the first time. I would highly recommend seeing it. It is the best most powerful movie that I have ever seen. And I mean that.

I'm still gaining weight. Last time I checked I was up to 147.5. Matthew watch out! I don't think I told you but I also ran a mile a few days ago and I surprised myself. I did it in 6 min 1.59 seconds. Now I've just got to shave off a few more seconds. Elder Burr and I run, lift weights, and play basketball during our gym time. It's a lot of fun and it's a nice break for our brains.

There are a lot of computers here and I can't do anything with them. It's driving me crazy! Haha. They have a pretty restrictive version of windows on them. And you can only check your email on some of them. It's kind of a bummer. It's better not to be distracted by all of that anyway.

We went to the temple this morning and did some names for President Watkins, who is our Branch President. It was an awesome spiritual experience. I learned a ton from the session. I can't wait to go back again next week.

Maybe it's a good thing I didn't clean up my room. You probably would never have found that remote if it was packed up in a box. I'm sorry that I left it such a mess though. Our dorm room is really clean. And we've been getting nothing but outstanding on our weekly room reports!

I've been doing really well at writing in my journal. I write about one page every night. I think that I'm up to page 24. By the way thanks for the journal. It's really nice and it makes it easier to write in it. It feels more like a book that I'm writing for you and my future children. That's what motivates me to be so persistent in doing it every day.

The Español is coming along great! The harder I work at it the quicker it comes to me. We're mostly learning how to say gospel related things. We're also getting pretty good at saying prayers and bearing our testimonies en Español.

Yo se que Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial y nos ama.
Testifico que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y Redentor.

I pray for you every night in Spanish too.
Te pido que bendigas mi familia con consuela y fuerza.

And we do all things:
En el nombre de Jesucristo.

I'm sure that I did something wrong in all of that, like miss an accent. So don't be too critical.

I just want you to know that whenever I have to do something hard or I'm feeling down that if I say a prayer and ask for help I always receive an answer. We are all weak, but we can all be made strong through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope that all of you will do this as you face your challenges and trials. Remember, bare with patience thine afflictions and the Lord will give unto you success.

I've been getting better at working hard, so I'll probably send out a couple of letters today. And again, I will definitely send you all of the pictures that I have.

I miss you all very much. I can feel the effects of your prayers. I'm so glad that I have a family as wonderful as you are. I love each of you with all of my heart.

Elder Ben Arnold

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