Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zone Leaders?!?

Elder Burr and I got to go to the temple today. It was a pretty cool experience. The spirit was very strong there. It's really neat to be one of those missionaries who I used to see.

The only place I know of to email is here in the laundry room. So that's where I am. Waiting for my clothes to dry. The computers are pretty busy. And we have only thirty minutes before it kicks us off.

The first couple of days here in the MTC seemed really long. My sense of time was completely out of wack. It feels like we've already been here for a couple of weeks. Sunday, and today have been going by quite a bit faster. I'm sure that the next several weeks will go by really fast. At least that's what everyone says who's been here for more than 8 weeks.

I absolutely love the food here. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to gain weight while I'm in the MTC. I'll start weighing myself and let you know how it goes. At least we get to exercise four or five days of the week. Saturday was the first day that we had gym time. Elder Burr and I ran a mile and then went inside and lifted weights. I even did 19 pull ups in a row last night. That was probably from lifting those forty pounds in my room before I came. An Elder in our Branch could do 28, so I'm not the record holder.

Your letters and candy were amazing. I loved hearing from you. You all had good advice. All of the letters are up by my bunk. I'm on the top. We also have desks with a board we can stick stuff to. That's where your picture that you sent me is Jonathan.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you. Our branch is brand new and consists of missionaries that all came in this last Wednesday. There are two districts in our Branch. Elder Burr and myself are part of District B. Elder George is the District Leader in our District and Elder Murray is the District leader in District A. Elder Burr and I, to our surprise were made the Zone leaders. That's not supposed to happen until you've been here for four weeks. Well at least we have the Lord to strengthen us. Who he calls he qualifies.

Elder Burr and I are getting along really well. We've become really good friends already. We keep each other in line as well. We have to constantly remind each other to keep our hands out of our pockets and to not say the g word - "guys". Haha.

I miss you all very much. The Lord is constantly providing me with comfort. Dad's blessing about feeling your love whenever I am lonely has helped a lot.

I'm about out of time. I love you all very much. I'll send you a letter today as well. I apologize in advance if I repeat myself.

Elder Arnold

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Gerb said...

Whoever is doing all the work behind this blog, thanks. I am looking forward to reading about Ben's adventures and experiences as a missionary.